by Susana Silva

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Promised first in Words of Power Kickstarter Campaign in April 2015
This album would be acoustic version.

Recorded with no metronome, no band or changes...
What you see on the Street is what you get.


released May 7, 2016



PHOTOGRAPHY - MeM ( Streets.Life ) , Marco Azzurrini

ARTWORK - Leonardo Barão De Medeiros

Extra Songs

Smile for you 2005
Susana Silva - Singer/Songwriter
Ricardo Sousa - Producer

Be U 2012
Susana Silva - Singer/Songwriter
Jorge Oliveira - Producer

Susana Silva - Singer/Songwriter
José Duarte - Producer 2014
Rui Carvalho - Re-Master 2015



all rights reserved


Susana Silva Music London, UK

"...We get the first-hand experience of a survivor that fought against the odds. We get a woman who sings from a place of authenticity and love, rather than ego. We get an abundance of breath-taking talent, with an equal measure of modesty. Most of all, beneath the love that she purposefully spreads through music, we feel inspired to follow our own dreams with the same gratitude and compassion..." ... more

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Track Name: Jamit Street Version

It's been so many many many years
Since I felt so good
I am breaking free.... NOW

Baby! I've been singing that song
Baby! that sad song stayed far too long
Now it's time to take control
Now it's time to let it go

Baby! This new song Is my own
No more lying no more crying
No no no no no no I am done
Now it's time for me to take control
Now it's time for me to let it go
I'm gonna ..I'm gonna

Jamit till the sun comes up
Jamit till the sun goes down
Jam that jam and never look back
Till I turn that song around and round

Jamit till the sun comes up
Jamit till the sun goes down
Jam that jam for a brand new start
Till I Spread this song around and round

I am taking control
Oh I'm gonna let it roll roll roll
I'm making it my own
I'm gonna let it rolllll
Track Name: Wake UP Street Version
Wake up

One two
Here I go again
Days look all the same
This grey sky's blurred my eyes
And this rain keeps falling on me
No luck to borrow
Like there is no tomorrow
Patience is running out
From my dictionary

oh I Need
to find a way to
Get away from this twisted fate I am in

A no trouble end
A message sent
A empty room
with no way to escape it
Oh what is this
Oh what have I missed
This grey sky's blurred my eyes
Why this always happens to me

oh I Need
to find a way to get away from this twisted fate I am in
oh I Need
to find a way to get away and everything will be ok

Another dawn
A day just begun
What did I do to deserve to be
Lost in this unreality world of...
...bad luck that swallows
the day of tomorrow
Oh what is this, what have I missed
But this rain keeps following me
Track Name: Ferro de Fundo Street Version
Ferro de Fundo

És meu ferro de fundo
Es meu ponto de Amarra
És o meu sol meu mundo
Es a força que me agarra

És meu ferro de fundo
que guardo num abraço
percorro os mares do mundo
Contigo no meu regaço

Abraço com carinho
e procuro no teu olhar
que me mostres o caminho
que eu não consigo encontrar
leva-me até bom Porto
diz-me como a chegar
sei que nada que faças
será para me magoar

Joca Silva

Susana Silva
Track Name: B U Street Version

Who am I that comes from far away
and don't have anywhere to go
Who am I that cries in silence and No one knows

Sometimes we don't have to be like others
we just have to be ourselves and Go.

Be Original
Be True
Be Different
Be You

If You think life ain't worth your time..You are Wrong.
And if You do nothing, Believe in me, You'll Fall
But there're so many things to be proud of
A simple Smile can make someone special in this world

You are special and you don't imagine
The greatest things that you did to me.
You have a gift that don't belong to anyone
but completes us, changes us
and made me a better person

I am tired of waiting
I am tired of fighting
I want my freedom to lift my arms
and open the wings of my Soul
Let me breath
Let me Be
Track Name: World is a Tree Street Version
World is a Tree

Mourning for those dead
And hundreds of thousands wounded
This war needs to come to an end
Our mother ... Our mother is dying
Burak Tokcan

This is on us
There is no one else to throw the blame
No more time to be wasted
With some silly little games
We need to act! Fast!
Before it is too late
Because the roots of Mankind
Are fading away

Let's stop
With this out of control madness
For conquest of power
We are passing the limits
We are breaking the foundations
The line that unifies nations
Destroying the bond
That holds us all

Where it all begins
Earth ... Water
Fire... Air

Gifts from Nature
That balance the Planet
The world Spirit
Circle of Life

A sharing system
That respect the differences
And protects our legacy
In the universe

We are one
Brothers and sisters
Loved equally
By the same Mother Earth

Can you hear the screams
She's crying
Can you feel the pain
As she creaks
Can you see tears fall
Acid black
Nothing is the same
Can we change
Can we listen

Wake up world
This is our fight
We have a choice

Susana Silva
(singer/songwriter composer)
Track Name: It's Ok Street Version
It's OK

"DEAR, you are the best, you are like my best friend."
so why you had to go behind my back,
tell all the secrets that I shared with you... OH didn't you?!

"BABE, dont you worry I promise i'll be there."
but you never came or called me back,
dont you know I stayed hours waiting for you... why did you?!

Dear, Babe, Darling, Mate
This ain't right and
I won't take it no, No, NO... NO


"DARLING, this nigh we will dance till the sunrise."
but I remember taking you home before midnight
and clean the mess that you left behind too... shame on You!

"MATE, you're my Man, can you lend me a hand?!"
oh my help was never repaid guess you are too busy
posting party's on Facebook... why did you?!

Dear, Babe, Darling, Mate
This ain't right and
I won't take it no, No, NO... NO


let me tell you in a different way

No matter how big the distance in between me and you
I know I would never let you down
oh I would tell you the truth
I would fight the troubles of this world right by your side
I would never let you down
Oh I would have your back
but you broke your word and you broke my trust
you played with my heart like if it was just a joke
now you come again trying to be my friend ....I say

I leave you in your own cage
Cause I have escaped
Track Name: Long Road Street Version
Long Road

Was a long road to get here
Choices I made took away my dreams
To let go of the past
And all of the wrong things
I am waking a new path
A path I believe in

This is the place
I wanna be
Moments of hope
A life that is real

A road of stones was not easy
People I've trusted fooled me completely
But I've picked up the broken glass
I glued back the pieces
Cause the best is yet to come
Life is just beginning

This is the place
That I want to be
Moments of hope
A life that is real

This is the love
That I want to build
Steps of trust
A life that is real

Oh if I could go back
I wouldn't change nothing
Cause all that I am is all I've been trough... oh it made me
I know I know I am not perfect
and life isn't that kind
But I am slowly becoming me
The owner of my life
Track Name: Thank you Street Version
Thank You

Live life with no fear
take your time, keep on dreaming
just keep it up and never stop
never stop believing
even if you are in that dark, dark place even if you are in that place that you feel that you don't belong
don't you ever give up just
give all you've got and carry on

Do as you do
do your thing, do it in your own way
Do your best cause
you've got what it takes
even in that cold windy times when you feel so cold so alone
don't you ever give up just
give all you've got that and
stop to
Listen to beat of your heart
Open your eyes and feel
So much love is in the little things to be found
And the sun shines brighter every time you smile

Sing words of power
Shout the bad feelings away
Share a kip of kindness and
Magic surprises will inspire your days

Say thank you
In tears of joy on a sunset of rain
For every single day
I need to say thank you to you

Cause when I wake down
And I thought I've lost my smile
You gave me the words to rewrite the song... The song of my life.

Thank you
To all the people around the world
Of all ages ... All different ways
For blessing my life with
so much hope and joy
I promise I won't give up
I will give all I've got oh
I will follow ... I will follow
...the beat of my heart...